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How to become a self-employed care worker

The 5 simple steps you need to craft your business  The demand for more flexible and personalised care is on the rise thanks to the introduction of the NDIS. As someone providing care or looking to start, this creates the opportunity for you to take control of your skills and experience that can make a [...]

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Top 3 tips for self-employed care workers

  What can you do to succeed in caring One of my favourite mottos is that ‘there has never been a better time to be in business’, which couldn’t be truer for self-employed care workers. So as a self-employed provider, here are three top tips to give you the competitive edge. The implementation of the [...]

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Business Advice From Those Who’ve Made It

Tips from successful entrepreneurs and business owners for sole traders. Going out on your own ain’t easy… so lucky for us, there are others who have already gone through it. We can take the “been there, done that” lessons from successful entrepreneurs, small business owners and sole traders and use it to our advantage. We’ve [...]

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5 of the Best Apps to Help Sole Traders

These 5 apps will help you work harder, better, faster, stronger. What do we want? More time. When do we want? Now. No matter how much we wish for a shift in the time-space continuum, resulting in freakishly long days, it’s not (as far as I know) going to happen. Unfortunately, there are only a [...]

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