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Solo & Smart is a business admin app designed specifically for the self-employed in Australia. Through the app users can organise, manage and grow their business. We believe that when business and lifestyle combine, everything changes. The self-employed in Australia deserve the support to help them thrive in business and in life.

3 Reasons for the $12+ billion-dollar pet care industry boom

The pet care industry has been on the rise significantly since 2012. There’s no denying us Aussies love our fur babies, so we’ve outlined the 3 main reasons for this boom below. It’s a $12+ billion-dollar industry Yep, that’s right. Each year Australians spend over $12 billion on services and products to cater for their [...]

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5 steps to creating a highly profitable pet care business

Simple Setup There is no need to re-invent the wheel here, getting started in business can be done quickly, easily and without much expense if you know how. There is however, some pre-requisites for starting a pet care business. You have to love your animals! Enjoying every minute with pets and keeping them happy, healthy [...]

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3 Tips to succeed in business- without all the tools

Being in business for yourself, almost by definition, means we don’t have all the answers and are likely to only have access to very limited resources. Despite this obvious obstacle, entrepreneurs charge ahead because we believe in what we are doing and have confidence that we can work it out. The reality is, that we [...]

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How to handle tax as an employee with a side-hustle

For more and more Aussies just having a day job isn’t enough and having a side-hustle business is becoming main stream. The decision to go after a side-hustle varies greatly but the most common reasons are to put a bit of extra money in the hip pocket, to pursue a passion or to open the [...]

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Ground-breaking insurance for gig workers

The gig economy has created an unprecedented opportunity for people to earn an income typically as a self-employed individual. Along with that opportunity comes the traditional risks of running a business. Traditional insurance policies don’t have the flexibility to suit this new style of work, leaving self-employed gig workers un-insured or paying overly expensive premiums [...]

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Planning for your tax bill; 5 tips to avoid missing out at the EOFY

For many people, the end of financial year triggers feelings of anxiety and doubt, but there is no need for that! If you are organised and well equipped in advanced, you can prepare for a seamless and stress free EOFY. Below, you will find 5 top tips to avoid missing out at the EOFY. Prepare [...]

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How to increase your tax return; What you can and can’t claim as a sole trader

The end of financial year is nigh, which means one thing for sole traders… it’s time to sort out your claims! As a sole trader, you can claim a deduction if the expense is directly related to the running of your business. Below, you will find a list of what you can and can’t claim [...]

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3 tips to leverage your invoicing

Sending an invoice is one of the last things a self-employed professional will do after the job has been completed. All too often they get sent with little thought or effort as the business owner moves on to the next job while they wait for payment. Invoicing is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that is [...]

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Why top solopreneurs use pre-emptive money management

PRE-EMPTIVE MONEY MANAGEMENT What is Pre-Emptive money management and how can it help your business manage your cash better? Running a small business is all about understanding and managing your numbers, whether you do it subconsciously or consciously doesn’t matter, it's critical. When it comes to budgeting, managing your money and building your savings or [...]

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